Public Safety Recruit & Applicant Testing

Public safety professionals keep our streets and homes safe. But a department is only as strong as the men and women you choose to join the organization. Recruit and applicant testing is essential to the safe and effective functioning of your department. And it promotes candidate success once they reach the academy or training.

What People Are Saying

Responding to emergencies is incredibly stressful, both physically and mentally. It is critical for first responders to understand these risks, and take every precaution to care for their own health. Regular physical activity and cardiac assessments, by CardioKinetics, are vital to staying prepared and protecting all of us who depend on their brave service.
John Carney, Governor, State of Delaware

Public Safety Recruit & Applicant Testing Components

High performance starts with the basics

Testing for Recruits

CardioKinetics helps you assess recruits to fill the organizations with those who have the highest level of potential and build the strongest units through comprehensive recruit testing.

Future public safety professionals like firefighters and police officers are entering some very physically and mentally demanding job roles. Job duties may vary widely. One day they’re working with community leaders to build trust in a neighborhood. For an officer, the next day may be traffic stops, foot chases or an active shooter situation. A firefighter needs above average heart and lung capacity to move through extreme heat and toxic environments. They need incredible physical strength to lift obstacles and people.

In either case, the professional must always be ready to take on whatever the day brings. It all starts with getting the right person into the job role. CardioKinetics not only offers recruit testing; they also develop personalized plans and coach those seeking to enhance their abilities to pass this test and take their place in a public safety role such as a police officer or firefighter.

Onsite Applicant Testing

If you need a third party to help you with your testing process, CardioKinetics specializes in effective and efficient onsite physical testing for applicants. Your applicant process is essential to finding the right employees for these critical roles.

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