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CardioKinetics is a licensed medical provider founded in 1979 to provide quality health care and Preventive Medicine services.  Our mission is to “Produce Healthier People-One at a Time.”  We accomplish this mission by  helping people we serve maximize their health potential by bridging the gap between reactive and Preventive Medicine.

We offer Corporate Health and Wellness Programs and Solutions regionally as well as nationally.  Some of these solutions include, but are not limited to, Employee Physicals, Health Assessments and Biometric Screenings.  See the Solutions page for more information.

For us, this isn’t just our job; it’s our calling. We are a uniquely qualified group of health professionals who have dedicated our lives to improving the quality of life of others.

"I greatly admire the work CardioKinetics, Inc. is doing to improve the health, longevity and productivity of all of their clients.  I consider the founder, Tom Hall, a close friend and valued colleague in this important field of Preventive Medicine."

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper MD, MPH, Founder and Chairman, Cooper Aerobics Center



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Companies’ most valuable assets are their employees.  It has been documented that healthy employees help make a healthy bottom line.  Offering a health and wellness program is just one of the steps in developing a healthy workforce.  We will produce healthier people by implementing  a well organized, flexible and custom strategy that is developed to flow seamlessly with your culture and business dynamics.  This strategy will be executed by our team of health professionals at your location.

At CardioKinetics we do much more than design the Preventive Medicine strategy for your organization.  We create the plan, launch the programs, personally deliver all of the services on site and ultimately change the culture to one of health and prevention.

"CardioKinetics has been a trusted partner during the successful launch of our Wellness Program.  The CardioKinetics Team engages our associates with care and compassion while encouraging positive lifestyle choices.  We are seeing lives changed because of their influence."

Todd Lombardi, Benefits, Dick's Sporting Goods


Insurance Brokers & Carriers

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CardioKinetics is a licensed medical provider in the state of Delaware that has been working with insurance companies and brokers for over 30 years.

In today’s competitive market, insurance brokers and carriers are looking to offer complete custom solutions that will improve the overall health of their client populations.  CardioKinetics has developed custom Preventive Medicine programs throughout the country that have been proven to reduce medical costs by “Producing Healthier People-One at a Time.”  

"We use CardioKinetics not only for our team, but also for our clients. Their experience and the compassion for people set them apart from all other health and wellness providers!"

David Lyons, President and CEO, Lyons Insurance Company


Public Safety

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Statistics show that public safety officials have the most dangerous occupation in the world.   Not only are public safety occupations dangerous but they are also very physically demanding.  Often you must go from a state of inactivity to extreme alertness and high physical exertion in a matter of minutes.  This type of activity puts extreme stress on your body as well as your mind.  Public Safety Officials must be ready at all times to perform at their very best.

CardioKinetics has been testing and designing health and physical fitness assessment programs for military personel, law enforcement and fire departments for the last 20 years.  We are able to provide all of our services at your location to make sure your team is prepared and ready at all times.

"We have developed some of the best physical fitness assessments available, so first responders are able to serve, protect and perform at their very best with confidence."

Tom Hall, CEO, CardioKinetics


Cardiac Rehabilitation

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In 1979, CardioKinetics became the first non hospital based Cardiac Rehabilitation facility in the state of Delaware.  Over three decades we have seen thousands of individuals successfully complete our program.

Following a significant cardiovascular event, Cardiac Rehab becomes as important to a patient as taking their prescription medications. Heart disease, unlike other chronic illnesses, is largely controlled by lifestyle choices made by each patient. In our Cardiac Rehab program we will teach you to make positive choices which will add years to your life.  Recent studies indicate that cardiac patient’s who have successfully completed a formal Cardiac Rehab program extend their lives by 33%, compared to those patients left to recover on their own.

"CardioKinetics is in the business of “Producing Healthier People” through a personal relationship and a caring approach to healthy lifestyle changes.  We are witnessing the future of Preventive Medicine well ahead of its time."

Dr. Brian Levine, MD, FACEP, FAAEM,