What People Are Saying

  • CardioKinetics' exceptional Executive Physical program keeps our leadership team in excellent health, allowing us to be on top of our game both in business and at home. They go to great lengths to make sure I have as much time as I want with their entire medical team. It's clear that my personal health is their top priority. Their high energy, and positive approach to their work is contagious.
    Greg Sawka, President & CEO, Bancroft Construction
  • CardioKinetics helped Delaware Tech to become a pioneer of employee wellness in the state of Delaware by establishing our first Wellness Center at our Wilmington campus in 1986. Over the past several decades they have been an exceptional resource and partner as we have established Wellness Centers at all four of our campuses serving our faculty, staff and student populations’ health and fitness needs. We value our long standing relationship with this outstanding Delaware company that truly cares about making a difference in the health and well-being of the people they serve at our college.
    Dr. Mark T. Brainard, President, Delaware Technical Community College
  • I have been very fortunate throughout my 40-year career to be inspired every day by the people I have come to know through CardioKinetics. I have also had the privilege of working with leaders from many industries, both in the public safety and civilian world. They have shown me how the power of being an empathetic leader truly makes a difference in the lives of employees, their families and the culture of their workplace.
    Richard Shaw, President, CardioKinetics
  • During the 10 months that my brother battled Hodgkin's Disease, I realized that my future had to be in medicine and health care. As the son of an operating room nurse, I had plenty of exposure to many forms of illness, and the devastation it can bring to patients as well as families. I knew I could make a difference. Beginning my health care journey the day after my last class at the University of Delaware, I can honestly say that after 41 years of treating, diagnosing and rehabilitating cardiac patients, every single day has been a blessing. To see patients and clients morph from an almost fatal event to a physically and active lifestyle without fear of their future, has to be one of the most rewarding professions one could choose. In addition to the wonderful experiences that I have had, I have also had the distinguished pleasure of working with my family and friends. My hope and prayer is that the legacy of sincere caring and willingness to help others through a servanthood attitude, will last long beyond my lifetime.
    Tom Hall, Owner & CEO, CardioKinetics
  • We use CardioKinetics not only for our team, but also for our clients. Their experience and the compassion for people set them apart from all other health and wellness providers we've worked with.
    Bob Sabol, Vice President, Lyons Insurance Company
  • Our 250 associates have experienced overall health improvements and many of them share how much better they feel, thanking us for giving them the tools and support to help them lead a healthier life. CardioKinetics understands real world behavior and creates challenges and programs tailored to our employees' needs to get results.
    Jason Walsh, CEO, Price Automotive Group
  • CardioKinetics is in the business of “producing healthier people” through a personal relationship and a caring approach to healthy lifestyle changes. We are witnessing the future of preventive medicine well ahead of its time.
    Dr. Brian Levine, Emergency Medicine Physician
  • I greatly admire the work CardioKinetics is doing to improve the health, longevity and productivity of all of their clients. I consider the founder, Tom Hall, a close friend and valued colleague in this important field of preventive medicine.
    Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, Cooper Aerobics
  • Since we joined CardioKinetics, our employees have become interested in becoming healthy. We implemented tests in year one and did a comparison in year two. This got everyone competitive. If you showed improvement, you received a discount on your co-pay for insurance. Without this program, I am sure our costs would have risen dramatically and our health would have been a major issue. Thanks CardioKinetics!
    Steve Zarett, CFO, Standard Destributing
  • I believe I am alive today because of God's sovereign plan and the care of CardioKinetics. I have learned that my heart doesn't just belong to me, but to my family and those around me.
    Paul Palmer, Cardiac Rehabilitation Patient, 7x Ironman Triathlete, Owner, Bay Country Associates
  • I was training for the Ironman Maryland triathlon and thought it would be helpful for my training and wise for my health and peace of mind to have a VO2 Max and cardio stress test done. I was closely monitored and the staff went over the results in great detail providing me with a wealth of information, including where my level of fitness was and how my body responded to the test. I would highly recommend this testing to anyone training for any type of endurance activity.
    Glenn Moore, Ironman Coach, TriDawgs Triathlon Team, Delaware Swim and Fitness
  • CardioKinetics took my health testing seriously. They were thorough and treated me with the utmost care. Not only were they thorough with my health testing but they also assisted in my recovery (after having 4-way bypass). This allowed me to return to work in record time. I believe because of the health screening at CardioKinetics, I am able to enjoy a happy healthy life with my wife and three kids.
    Michael J. Kelly, Site Coordinator SAKI, State of Delaware, Criminal Justice Council
  • If your Health Assessment Program was not implemented, I would not be alive right now!
    Curtis Cole, Business Manager, DelDot
  • I can tell you from personal experience that yearly health testing is imperative. Police officers experience both physical and mental challenges each and every day. Unfortunately there are medical issues that have no physical symptoms. These issues can be detected through CardioKinetics’ health testing. More importantly, they can be addressed before becoming a major health concern.
    Michael J. Kelly, Site Coordinator SAKI, State of Delaware, Criminal Justice Council
  • Our organization utilized CardioKinetics’ services to implement a wellness program whereby employees took ownership of their physical fitness in a non-punitive environment that rewards success. CardioKinetics has helped us create a culture of wellness beyond a job description and as a lifelong commitment to health and fitness.
    Director John Yeomans, Delaware Dept of Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Law Enforcement professionals are often required to make split-second decisions that can mean the difference between life and death. CardioKinetics helps the men and women of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department stay physically and mentally fit and better equips us to meet the challenge of maintaining order and protecting the community we serve.
    Chief Keith Banks, Rehoboth Beach Police
  • I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. I know it is for my benefit as well as my officers. You and your staff made what I thought would be a horrible experience a very enjoyable one!
    Laura M. Giles, Chief of Police, Elsmere Bureau of Police
  • Cardiokinetics has played a vital role in ensuring that Delaware law enforcement officers are prepared to do their demanding jobs. They have been a great partner to the State of Delaware.
    Jack Markell, Former Governor
  • We couldn’t be happier with the service CardioKinetics has provided our Town Employees and Police Officers. In fact, I believe they have saved at least two lives by finding serious issues during health testing and screenings. For that reason alone, the service they provide is invaluable.
    Mayor Kenneth Branner, Middletown, DE
  • In April of 2015, during my annual Middletown Police physical with CardioKinetics, Josh discovered what I thought was just another minor issue with my blood pressure and heart rate. CardioKinetics scheduled me to see a Cardiologist, who discovered four major arterial blocks. Two of which were 100%.
    Michael J. Kelly, Cardiac Rehab Program Graduate
  • I have seen first-hand the difference CardioKinetics makes in helping the men and women of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department prepare for the physical and mental challenges they face every day. The extensive testing and follow-up CardioKinetics provides go beyond benefiting the individual – they benefit the force in general and the community at large.
    Chief Keith Banks, Rehoboth Beach Police
  • The CardioKinetics team has the type of people anyone would want in their company – high integrity, motivated, and passionate about what they do. They provide input for our medical plan designs, biometric screening, and employee consultations. They genuinely care about their clients and get to know them on a personal level, which earned the trust of our employees and helped us achieve 100% participation in our annual wellness testing.
    Kirk Putt, CEO, R-V Industries
  • CardioKinetics provided a comprehensive solution that is valid and reliable, they assisted in coordination of on-site screenings (no small feat with 360 employees, 15 locations and 3 states) and most importantly, they provided a valuable health coaching service to our employees – our number 1 asset. They are guided by the health coaches who are excellent and continue to support my employees throughout the year should they reach out for further assistance. Looking forward to another great year!
    Linda Hartnett, Vice President of Administration, Avalon Flooring
  • Responding to emergencies is incredibly stressful, both physically and mentally. It is critical for first responders to understand these risks, and take every precaution to care for their own health. Regular physical activity and cardiac assessments, by CardioKinetics, are vital to staying prepared and protecting all of us who depend on their brave service.
    John Carney, Governor, State of Delaware

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