Protect your company's most valuable machinery...your employees' health.

You can tailor your employee health assessments.

Employee Health

When your employees are at their healthiest, their quality of life and quality of work is significantly better. This translates into greater success for everyone at your organization.

CardioKinetics has had incredible success in providing measurable successful health outcomes for organizations of every type and size.

From our mobile biometric screenings to our executive physicals, we provide the highest quality services for your employees while also focusing on short and long-term wellness strategies tailored to your organization’s needs.

What People Are Saying

The CardioKinetics team has the type of people anyone would want in their company – high integrity, motivated, and passionate about what they do. They provide input for our medical plan designs, biometric screening, and employee consultations. They genuinely care about their clients and get to know them on a personal level, which earned the trust of our employees and helped us achieve 100% participation in our annual wellness testing.
Kirk Putt, CEO, R-V Industries

What Makes Our Preventive Health Assessments Different

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Only CardioKinetics medical professionals perform our health assessments
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CardioKinetics leadership is personally involved in every program from the beginning
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Immediate health consultations, results, health action plans, and lifestyle coaching
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Innovative health incentive plans

Biometric Health Assessments

We use key physical health measurements to provide a clear assessment of employees’ health and wellness needs. CardioKinetics’ healthcare professionals ensure your employees have the most positive experience possible.

Executive Physicals

Our rigorous executive health physicals provide an in-depth health assessment that helps develop health plans for your executive professionals.

Employee Health & Fitness Assessments

These assessments help to determine the current health and fitness levels of your employees in order to find an effective plan that is focused on results.


Corporate Wellness & Fitness Center Management

From assessing the health of your employees to managing a convenient on-site fitness center, we can handle everything for you.

We keep you fit on the inside