Health assessments customized to fit your department's needs.

Over 95% of participants repeated their voluntary assessments in year two.

Public Safety Health

Public safety professionals take on some of the most demanding and stressful jobs. Because of them, our streets, homes, and communities are safer. But they also work in some of the most unpredictable and volatile environments involving high-stress events, long hours working on little sleep and the sudden need for strength, speed and endurance.

OSHA defines “fit for duty” as the ability of an individual to physically, mentally, and emotionally carry out their job responsibilities without threatening their safety or that of those around them. But nowhere but in public service does this mean so much to so many.

Getting the right people into these roles is important. So much of our health isn’t measured in how much we can lift at the gym; it’s what’s going on inside. And the unfortunate fact is that division leaders, partners, co-workers, and even the individual may be unaware of their true health profile.

What People Are Saying

Responding to emergencies is incredibly stressful, both physically and mentally. It is critical for first responders to understand these risks, and take every precaution to care for their own health. Regular physical activity and cardiac assessments, by CardioKinetics, are vital to staying prepared and protecting all of us who depend on their brave service.
John Carney, Governor, State of Delaware

What Makes Our Preventive Health Assessments Different

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Only CardioKinetics medical professionals perform our health assessments
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CardioKinetics leadership is personally involved in every program from the beginning
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Immediate health consultations, results, health action plans, and lifestyle coaching
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Innovative health incentive plans

Health & Fitness Assessments

Due to the endurance-focused nature of public safety jobs, we deliver health and fitness assessments that provide reliable results.


Medical Physicals

By making sure that the proper physical exams are administered, we can help you make sure that every prospective employee is up to the task.


Recruit & Applicant Testing

Over the last 5 years, CardioKinetics has developed elite medical testing assessments and other various programs to ensure public safety professionals are ready for the job at hand.

You protect us. Let us protect you.