Corporate Wellness & Fitness Center Management

From conception, planning, build-out, and finding the right staff, CardioKinetics will provide you with a true turnkey corporate fitness center solution.

The key to our success is our expertise to attract both the inactive, the unhealthy, as well as the active and apparently healthy employees to your center. Our unique background and years of experience providing these services allows us to work with people at every level of their health and fitness journey.

You are showing your dedication to their health and wellness by creating the most convenient way to improve their health. Let us take care of providing quality services that will serve the needs of everyone.

What People Are Saying

Since we joined CardioKinetics, our employees have become interested in becoming healthy. We implemented tests in year one and did a comparison in year two. This got everyone competitive. If you showed improvement, you received a discount on your co-pay for insurance. Without this program, I am sure our costs would have risen dramatically and our health would have been a major issue. Thanks CardioKinetics!
Steve Zarett, CFO, Standard Destributing

Attract Top Talent with Exceptional Benefits

More than ever, top talent expects more from their employers. What better way to show that your company is an industry leader that truly values its employees than providing them with a state-of-the-art, on-site fitness center?

We keep you fit on the inside