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Over 2 years, those at high risk for serious health problems were reduced by 47%

Employee Health & Fitness Assessments

While many people would like to improve their health, most don’t follow through without external support and motivation. Between duties at work and a busy home life, it can be hard to find the time to go to the gym or to focus on nutrition. Even then, where to start? But this can all be made possible with our employee health and fitness assessments.

Our employee health and fitness assessments go beyond biometric screenings to provide a more in-depth look at an employee’s personal health profile. This includes blood testing, resting measurements, health risk and body composition assessments.

CardioKinetics offers professional treatment programs that can revitalize employee health and improve it for future growth—both in their personal and professional lives.

What People Are Saying

CardioKinetics provided a comprehensive solution that is valid and reliable, they assisted in coordination of on-site screenings (no small feat with 360 employees, 15 locations and 3 states) and most importantly, they provided a valuable health coaching service to our employees – our number 1 asset. They are guided by the health coaches who are excellent and continue to support my employees throughout the year should they reach out for further assistance. Looking forward to another great year!
Linda Hartnett, Vice President of Administration, Avalon Flooring

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