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Public Safety Health & Fitness Assessments

Public safety professionals take on some of the most demanding work in existence. Because of them, our streets, homes, and communities are safer. But they also work in some of the most unpredictable and volatile environments involving high-stress events, prolonged sitting, long hours working on little sleep and the sudden need for strength, speed and endurance. All of this takes a toll on the body and mind.

What People Are Saying

Law Enforcement professionals are often required to make split-second decisions that can mean the difference between life and death. CardioKinetics helps the men and women of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department stay physically and mentally fit and better equips us to meet the challenge of maintaining order and protecting the community we serve.
Chief Keith Banks, Rehoboth Beach Police

Getting the right people into these roles is important. That requires extensive recruit testing to ensure you guide the best candidates into the academy and training. But staying mentally and physically fit becomes a challenge for those already performing duties. Declining wellness puts the lives of both professionals and those they serve at risk. So much of our health isn’t measured in how much we can lift at the gym; it’s what’s going on inside—heart, lungs, liver, brain and so on. And the unfortunate fact is that division leaders, partners, co-workers, and even the individual may be unaware of their internal health.

CardioKinetics performs annual health & fitness assessments on public safety professionals to understand their wellness, help them stay in optimal shape for their careers and life, and keep your organization running optimally because those in the unit are healthy and strong.

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Public Safety Health & Fitness Assessment Components

Additional Point-of-Care Tests

Nicotine  |  Hemoglobin A1C  |  And more

At CardioKinetics we measure our success by the success of safety professionals and their divisions. We keep you fit so you can keep others safe. To schedule your annual health and fitness assessments with us and continue working to keep the whole organization in optimal health, contact us today.

You protect us. Let us protect you.