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Public Safety Medical Physicals

Public service professionals are vital for maintaining safe and successful cities, states, and other municipalities. With diverse job requirements and often demanding daily activities, achieving and maintaining optimal health is paramount for the individual, employers, and the citizens they serve. We offer comprehensive medical physicals for public safety professionals to help them meet personal and professional goals as well as maintain regulatory compliance for their job role.

What People Are Saying

I have seen first-hand the difference CardioKinetics makes in helping the men and women of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department prepare for the physical and mental challenges they face every day. The extensive testing and follow-up CardioKinetics provides go beyond benefiting the individual – they benefit the force in general and the community at large.
Chief Keith Banks, Rehoboth Beach Police

Police Officer Medical Physicals

Our services are custom tailored to police and fire department professionals. Most police officers maintain a basic level of physical activity every day. Job stress combined with long and sometimes unpredictable hours can take a toll on wellness. Regular physical exams help officers identify health issues early when lifestyle changes and preventive care are most effective. Pre-screening of new officers is critical to the health of any department. And the quality of that screening matters. CardioKinetics provides the highest quality physical examinations.

Firefighter Medical Physicals

Regardless of their role, firefighters must always be ready. They need to meet some of the highest physical fitness standards in existence to withstand brutal work environments. Climbing endless flights of stairs and lifting objects that few of us could move are just part of the job. They’re in contact with hazardous contaminants that may build up in their systems. Hearing loss is prevalent due to frequent exposure to sirens. Ensuring that candidates fill the bill before going into the field and long-time professionals maintain physical wellness are key to a well-functioning firehouse.

Our evaluations apply the standards based upon the IAFF/IAFC Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI), NFPA 1582, which establishes wellness guidelines for safety professionals to reduce injury and keep them functioning at their best. CardioKinetics’ skilled and friendly team of professionals provides medical physicals for public safety employees in our office or on-site. We’ve streamlined our accommodating and efficient process to minimize workplace disruption while providing a detailed look at a professional’s health.

While medical exams are tailored to the unique demands of each role, all medical physicals include

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Strength, endurance & flexibility tests by our trained technicians
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Full biometric screening

Height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, etc
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Physical health assessment

Hearing, heart, lungs, bones and other health assessments
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Complete labs

Labs, including a blood panel to assess physical health from the inside out as well as drug screening and vaccine verification
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Personalized wellness action plan

We provide personalized wellness action plans that address a professional’s unique health needs and bridge the gap between the current state of health and optimal health

Lung function test (Spirometry)

We measure our own success by our ability to help professionals stay healthy and well for their roles. To schedule your next medical physicals with CardioKinetics, contact us today.

You protect us. Let us protect you.