Customize your employee biometric health assessments

Biometric Health Assessments—Mobile & On-Site

CardioKinetics biometric health assessments go above and beyond to provide employees with an accurate and in-depth health risk assessment and future disease risk profile. Quality data and informed statistical analysis is key when determining health conditions and proper treatment moving, and over 90% of our clients say they would participate again next year.

What People Are Saying

Our 250 associates have experienced overall health improvements and many of them share how much better they feel, thanking us for giving them the tools and support to help them lead a healthier life. CardioKinetics understands real world behavior and creates challenges and programs tailored to our employees' needs to get results.
Jason Walsh, CEO, Price Automotive Group

Biometric Health Assessment Components

Additional Point-of-Care Tests

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Give your employees the benefit of health

How CardioKinetics Sets the Stage for Success

As your committed health partner, we begin our process by meeting with senior leadership, decision makers, and stakeholders. We offer free health assessments for management with no obligation. We feel it’s important for decision makers to understand the level of care as well as the process their employees will experience when they work with CardioKinetics.

Executing Employee Health Assessments

1. Communicate the Value

CardioKinetics will develop a communications strategy to ensure employees understand the purpose and value of the assessments.

2. Schedule

We work around our clients’ busy schedules to ensure maximum participation.

3. Execute

On-site assessments are completed with friendliness, accuracy, and professionalism.

We bring the technology, care, and service to effectively conduct assessments for your employees, and our level of personal attention can’t be beat. While most of our biometric screenings occur on-site at our clients’ locations, we also offer the same level of comfort and care at our Newark, Delaware office.

Analyzing the Aggregate Health Data Report

1. Quick Turnaround

CardioKinetics will have your annual aggregate report within two weeks of the last person completing the assessment program.

2. Benchmarking Your Organization’s Health

CardioKinetics provides a robust analysis for senior leadership, giving you a powerful tool to make strategic decisions.

3. Message to Employees

We present the Health Report Card to employees and reveal the future plans for taking your organization to the next level.

CardioKinetics’ expertise in Employee Health Management is one of our strongest assets.

By understanding these analytics, our team at CardioKinetics is able to identify risk factors and determine the proper treatment plan for your employees’ needs. We look at these key set of measurements, assess the information in-depth, compare it to the goals of the health program, and make important decisions in regards to the treatment that follows.

After we provide you with reliable biometric screening assessments, we can use this vital data to create personalized health programs focused on the long-term health of your employees. We can work one-on-one with your team members to focus on their specific needs to help them crush their health and wellness goals. CardioKinetics takes the time to take these measurements, analyze the data, then develop professional and cost-effective health programs revolved around sustaining optimal health for every individual in your workforce.

We keep you fit on the inside