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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is where it all began for us. In 1979, we became the first and only Phase II cardiac rehab facility in the state of Delaware. Providing these critical services in and out of hospitals for more than 40 years, our staff has a deep understanding of the physical and emotional challenges patients deal with following a cardiac event. Each patient has a unique set of circumstances and is treated as if they were a member of our own family.

What People Are Saying

In April of 2015, during my annual Middletown Police physical with CardioKinetics, Josh discovered what I thought was just another minor issue with my blood pressure and heart rate. CardioKinetics scheduled me to see a Cardiologist, who discovered four major arterial blocks. Two of which were 100%.
Michael J. Kelly, Cardiac Rehab Program Graduate

It’s never too late to reclaim your health

A Holistic Approach to Heart Health

The cardiac rehabilitation program at CardioKinetics provides education about exercise, nutrition, medication, and general lifestyle choices to help enhance your heart health after a cardiac event. The period of time following a heart attack or other cardiac event is critical, and patients who attend these programs live longer, have fewer secondary issues, and overall live fuller, healthier lives.

Our cardiac rehabilitation program is the art and science of making patients well again. Cardiac disease is usually a combination of several risk factors, and sometimes requires difficult lifestyle changes. We not only provide safe, ECG-monitored exercise programs, but we assist patients in controlling other risk factors that could potentially lead them to another cardiac issue. We take pride in our close relationships with many of the top cardiologists in the tri-state area.

Get Your Life Back

CardioKinetics offers a truly personalized and one-on-one cardiac rehabilitation experience. Most of our patients conclude their rehab programs healthier than they have been in many years, even before their cardiac event.

The goal of our cardiac rehabilitation program is to help patients get their life back—all of it!

We keep you fit on the inside