Comprehensive Executive Physicals

From keeping up with your kids to sustaining a high level of performance at your job, this is all made possible by ensuring optimal health. But with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, keeping up with routine doctor visits and exercise programs might be a tough task to accomplish. If you’re looking to improve your health and improve your life, then it begins by having a physical with CardioKinetics. We provide a comprehensive physical examination to help determine health concerns and how your health can improve.

Once you see us for your physical, our engaging and friendly team members will provide a high-level of care focused on your specific needs. Furthermore, our comfortable office will offer a welcoming, low-stress environment to help tackle health concerns and instill reachable health goals for the future.

Our Process

Our comprehensive physicals include two separate parts. Each part is vital for getting a clear depiction of where your health stands, including determining the areas in which it can improve. Keep reading to learn more about each step of the process.

Step 1: Health Measurements

After we sit down with you to discuss your health, including your concerns, goals, and where you think you currently stand, we’ll then conduct a series of health measurements. This will help determine if any health problems are evident and will give us clear direction on what needs to improve—depending on your goals. We will take measurements of your:

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Height, weight, and body mass index (BMI)
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Resting pulse & blood pressure
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Abdominal circumference
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HDL (“good”) cholesterol
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LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
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Heart risk ratio
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Step 2: Further Assessments

Once we gather the vital data from your measurements, we will then conduct a serious of further assessments. This will help paint a clear picture of how your body is performing, how healthy you are, and what needs to be done to make some improvements. These services will be structured to fit your specific needs, and we’ll guide you through each step so you can feel as comfortable and engaged as possible. Our physical assessments include:

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Exercise ECG
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Aerobic fitness capacity
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Body fat analysis
Artboard 23 copy 24
Muscular fitness testing
Artboard 23 copy 25
Back screening
Artboard 23 copy 26
Flexibility assessment
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Health consultation
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Incentive programs
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Lifestyle coaching
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Exercise prescription

After we analyze the data and assessment results, we’ll work with you to determine the best treatment plan moving forward. With our no pressure, personalized options, you’ll always be in good hands with our caring team. With your health goals in mind, we’ll show you how you can achieve optimal health while living an enjoyable, fulfilling lifestyle. From our professional measurements and screenings to our comprehensive treatment programs, CardioKinetics can help you live the life you’ve always wanted.

Follow-Up Assessments


Exercise ECG Assessments
(aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health)


Hemoglobin A1c finger-stick blood test
(3 month average of glucose)


Cotinine finger-stick blood test
(tobacco use)

What People Are Saying

I greatly admire the work CardioKinetics is doing to improve the health, longevity and productivity of all of their clients. I consider the founder, Tom Hall, a close friend and valued colleague in this important field of preventive medicine.
Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, Cooper Aerobics

We keep you fit on the inside