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Comprehensive Executive Physicals

From keeping up with your kids to sustaining a high level of performance at your job, this is all made possible by ensuring optimal health. But with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, keeping up with routine doctor visits and exercise programs might be a tough task to accomplish. If you’re looking to improve your health and improve your life, then it begins by having a physical with CardioKinetics. We provide a comprehensive physical examination to help determine health concerns and how your health can improve.

Once you see us for your physical, our engaging and friendly team members will provide a high-level of care focused on your specific needs. Furthermore, our comfortable office will offer a welcoming, low-stress environment to help tackle health concerns and instill reachable health goals for the future.

This is how medicine is meant to be practiced.

What People Are Saying

CardioKinetics' exceptional Executive Physical program keeps our leadership team in excellent health, allowing us to be on top of our game both in business and at home. They go to great lengths to make sure I have as much time as I want with their entire medical team. It's clear that my personal health is their top priority. Their high energy, and positive approach to their work is contagious.
Greg Sawka, President & CEO, Bancroft Construction

Executive Physical Components

See how we keep your leadership on top of their game

Physician Consultation

  • Complete Medical History & Immunization Review
  • Disease Risk Assessment
  • Comprehensive analysis of personal, social and family histories
  • Discussion of past medical concerns and treatment for previous health issues
  • Medical advice for current health concerns

Comprehensive Physical Examination 

  • Sensory examinations
  • Pulmonary exam
  • Cardiovascular exam
  • Neurological assessment
  • Thyroid – Physical Exam and TSH
  • Prostate – Digital Exam and PSA

Laboratory Blood Analysis: (laboratory blood testing will be completed prior to the physical)

  • Complete blood work with differential, Blood Chemistry Profile, Coronary Risk Profile
  • Metabolic Panel
  • Routine Urinalysis
  • TSH – thyroid levels
  • PSA – annually (all ages) – screen for prostate cancer

Cardiovascular Assessment:  

  • Resting Electrocardiogram & Exercise Treadmill Stress Test or VO2 Max Assessment

Pulmonary Assessment:

  • Forced Vital Capacity & Forced Expiratory Volume

Sensory Analysis

  • Audiogram & Vision Screening

Body Composition, Nutrition Guidelines 

  • Height, Weight, Girth Measurement, Body Fat Analysis

Low Back and Core Evaluation, Flexibility & Muscular Fitness Assessments

Personal Executive Physical Reports

  • Review of diagnostic testing
  • Lifestyle Assessment and preventive health plan and report
  • Personal Exercise Prescription and Demonstration
  • Recommendation of primary care physician or specialist, if required
  • Complete Executive Physical Results Packet (sent by mail)

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