Prepared and Ready.

Statistics show that public safety officials have the most dangerous occupation in the world.   Not only are public safety occupations dangerous but they are also very physically demanding.  Often you must go from a state of inactivity to extreme alertness and high physical exertion in a matter of minutes.  This type of activity puts extreme stress on your body as well as your mind.  Public Safety Officials must be ready at all times to perform at their very best.

CardioKinetics has been testing and designing health and physical fitness assessment programs for military personel, law enforcement and fire departments for the last 20 years.  We are able to provide all of our services at your location to make sure your team is prepared and ready at all times.

One Step Further. 

Over the last 5 years CardioKinetics has combined our elite medical testing assessments and methods with a comprehensive training program developed by The Titus Sports Academy. This program is called “PROTECTORS.”  This elite package goes well beyond “wellness” and focuses on medical assessments and occupational fitness.  We have analyzed job functions to determine what kind of assessments to prescribe and what developments are needed to sustain you  over the course of your career.

To go along with the state of the art medical assessments performed by CardioKinetics, the Titus Sports Academy has developed techniques to strengthen the joints, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue and increase muscular and aerobic development needed for a powerful core.  The program helps insulate your body from injury.  It will also improve your effectiveness in the field by increasing speed, agility, mobility and endurance strength.