Fit for Duty Assessments

OSHA defines fit for duty as the ability of an individual to physically, mentally, and emotionally carry out their job responsibilities without threatening their safety or that of those around them. But nowhere but in public service does this mean so much to so many. Those in public service careers like law enforcement, fire department, and other emergency services often hold many lives in their hands on a regular basis. Their errors in judgment or failure to be able to physically perform a task put others at risk. CardioKinetics partners with public safety organizations to develop fitness programs to help those in these vital roles stay physically fit for duty.

This starts with recruit screening. That’s assessing the physical fitness of candidates before they enter the program to ensure that you admit applicants capable of performing public safety duties. But even after a candidate has proven initial fitness and completed training, you need annual health & fitness exams to screen for possible fitness challenges once they’re in their job role. CardioKinetics helps you assess the fitness of recruits and your long-time professionals. We then develop personalized fitness plans to help each individual get and stay fit for duty.


What a Fit for Duty Screening Involves

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Strength, endurance & flexibility tests by our trained technicians
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Common task performance
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Full biometric screening

Height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, etc
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Physical health assessment

Hearing, heart, lungs, bones and other health assessments
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Complete labs

Labs, including a blood panel to assess physical health from the inside out as well as drug screening and vaccine verification

If a safety professional has just returned from sick leave or is dealing with an ongoing health challenge, you need this level of testing to ensure that the professional is physically capable of performing job-related tasks like climbing, lifting, scaling, running, carrying, balancing, reaching, and more. CardioKinetics extensive fit for duty screening process ensures that they can do so.

Personalized Fit for Duty Plans

These tests help our skilled team identify areas where a safety professional is lacking. We then build plans on the personal, department, and/or organizational level to help individuals reach fitness goals, reduce injury risk, and feel confident knowing that they are ready for what their job entails.


A personalized plan may include the following

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Medical intervention

Whether it’s a torn shoulder or tendonitis, if something isn’t right, this needs to be addressed first
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Cardio training plan to enhance heart and lung performance
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Flexibility training plan to increase ability to move as needed without injury
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A strength training plan to keep joints and bones healthy while increasing strength and muscle endurance
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Physical abilities testing

Flexibility, strength, scaling, climbing, carrying dummies, dead runs
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Physical health assessment

Hearing, heart, lungs, bones and other health assessments

We follow up with those on our programs to track progress, update plans, and continue to work with them toward their fitness goals. You need a fit for duty partner; CardioKinetics can help.

What People Are Saying

I have seen first-hand the difference CardioKinetics makes in helping the men and women of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department prepare for the physical and mental challenges they face every day. The extensive testing and follow-up CardioKinetics provides go beyond benefiting the individual – they benefit the force in general and the community at large.
Chief Keith Banks, Rehoboth Beach Police

You protect us. Let us protect you.