Focus  –  One on One –  Action

CardioKinetics is a licensed medical provider founded in 1979 to provide quality health care and Preventive Medicine services.  Our mission is to “Produce Healthier People-One at a Time.” We accomplish this mission by  helping people we serve maximize their health potential by bridging the gap between reactive and Preventive Medicine.

We offer Corporate Health and Wellness Programs and Solutions regionally as well as nationally.  Some of these solutions include, but are not limited to, Employee PhysicalsHealth Assessments and Biometric Screenings.  See the Solutions page for more information.

For us, this isn’t just our job; it’s our calling. We are a uniquely qualified group of health professionals who have dedicated our lives to improving the quality of life of others.

CardioKinetics provides Preventive Medicine programs and solutions to the general population, small and large corporations, hospitals, government agencies, educational institutions and public safety organizations. Our Preventive Medicine programs have been implemented throughout the United States for over 30 years. We have been recognized regionally, as well as nationally for our innovative approach to health care solutions through objective measurable outcomes.

"I greatly admire the work CardioKinetics, Inc. is doing to improve the health, longevity and productivity of all of their clients.  I consider the founder, Tom Hall, a close friend and valued colleague in this important field of Preventive Medicine."

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper MD, MPH, Founder and Chairman, Cooper Aerobics Center