In 1979, CardioKinetics became the first non hospital based Cardiac Rehabilitation facility in the state of Delaware.  Over three decades we have seen thousands of individuals successfully complete our program.

Following a significant cardiovascular event, Cardiac Rehab becomes as important to a patient as taking their prescription medications. Heart disease, unlike other chronic illnesses, is largely controlled by lifestyle choices made by each patient. In our Cardiac Rehab program we will teach you to make positive choices which will add years to your life.  Recent studies indicate that cardiac patient’s who have successfully completed a formal Cardiac Rehab program extend their lives by 33%, compared to those patients left to recover on their own.

"CardioKinetics is in the business of “Producing Healthier People” through a personal relationship and a caring approach to healthy lifestyle changes.  We are witnessing the future of Preventive Medicine well ahead of its time."

Dr. Brian Levine, MD, FACEP, FAAEM,