Executive Physicals

Executives run departments, lead projects, and are involved in high-level negotiations that help your company thrive. Like any good investment, executive physicals result in a happier and more successful business. Keeping your key leaders on top of their game is vital to their decision-making and the success of your organization.

We thoroughly evaluate their current health and give them as much time to discuss anything they wish with our physicians and healthcare staff.

This is how medicine is meant to be practiced.

Our engaging and energetic staff and comfortable environment makes for a perfect experience for your executive leadership team. We take their time seriously and take great pride in the fact that the executives tell us how much they look forward to coming back year after year.


Part 1 of Your Executive Physical

Artboard 23 copy 4
Height, weight, and body mass index (BMI)
Artboard 23 copy 13
Resting pulse & blood pressure
Artboard 23 copy 12
Abdominal circumference
Artboard 23 copy 16
HDL (“good”) cholesterol
Artboard 23 copy 17
LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
Artboard 23
Heart risk ratio
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Artboard 23 copy 20

Part 2 of Your Executive Physical

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Exercise ECG
Artboard 23 copy 22
Aerobic fitness capacity
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Body fat analysis
Artboard 23 copy 24
Muscular fitness testing
Artboard 23 copy 25
Back screening
Artboard 23 copy 26
Flexibility assessment
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Health consultation
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Incentive programs
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Lifestyle coaching
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Exercise prescription

Follow-Up Assessments


Exercise ECG Assessments
(aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health)


Hemoglobin A1c finger-stick blood test
(3 month average of glucose)


Cotinine finger-stick blood test
(tobacco use)

What People Are Saying

I have always strived to live a healthy lifestyle. Thankfully my previous employers provided annual health examinations with CardioKinetics. In April of 2015, during my annual Middletown Police physical with CardioKinetics, Josh discovered what I thought was just another minor issue with my blood pressure and heart rate. CardioKinetics scheduled me to see a Cardiologist, who discovered four major arterial blocks. Two of which were 100%.
Michael J. Kelly, Site Coordinator SAKI, State of Delaware, Criminal Justice Council

We keep you fit on the inside