Employee Population Health Management

Our main goal is to significantly reduce the number of employees who have multiple health risks, develop strategies alongside your organization’s leadership, and allow your employee wellness program to be sustainable for many years to come.

Your leadership will be given an in-depth analysis of your employee population’s health within weeks of completing your health assessments. We have unique means of benchmarking your results, showing you how you compare to other organizations as well as how other organizations have realized significant outcomes by implementing short-term and long-term wellness initiatives.

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How We Achieve Employee Participation

1. Captivate

We develop short and long-term strategies with your leadership to get your employees’ attention that strongly encourages participation.

2. Obligate

Our powerful messaging helps the unhealthy employees, as well as the apparently healthy employees, embrace a positive approach toward personal health.

3. “We’re in this Together”

When employees have skin in the game it lets them know that the employer and the employees are in this together. We find that this produces very high participation rates.

We have an abundance of tools that break down barriers, giving your employees access to a large network of medical and healthcare professionals that changes lives forever.  

Our focus is always on making each person’s experience very comfortable and positive. We are not judging people, rather, we are letting them know that they have the power to improve their quality of life, and giving them the tools to make it a reality.


Corporate Leadership Makes a Difference


CardioKinetics works hand-in-hand with your organizational leadership to build trust among employees. We always have your leadership complete the health assessments first, so they can speak about their personal experience with the employees and encourage them to participate.

Transparency & Trust

Transparency is a key to a successful employee wellness program. Showing employees your actual annual healthcare expenditure can be very powerful and informative. Let them know that CardioKinetics will show them what we are showing your leadership.

We help you implement the right strategies that will encourage future healthy outcomes. We help you get your employees’ attention and it reinforces the message that we are in this together.


Second Year Strategy—and Beyond

After the first year of benchmarking your employees’ health, our focus shifts to addressing abnormal results and keeping normal results normal. We work with you to develop a simple yet powerful health incentive system that ranks each person’s health.

We manage your entire health incentive program for you. We provide you with innovative wellness programs focusing on challenging your employees to improve their health and reach their goals for next year.


Sample 1st Year Benchmark Analysis

Sample Company vs. National Average

Abnormal Blood Results

Sample Company vs. Peer Employer

Above Average Future Risk for Disease

Future Challenges

Address Abnormal Results and Keep Normal Results Normal

Getting Your Employees’ Attention

When employees see how they rate compared to their fellow employees it becomes a powerful motivator. This creates a shared sense of purpose and community within your organization and encourages increased participation and positive health outcomes.

We develop strategies that bring employees together by having them work toward a common goal. This is just one of the many strategies that creates sustainable success for years to come.

2nd Year Comparative Aggregate Report Analysis

64% of Employees Met 3 of 5 Health Criteria in Year 1
94% of Employees Met 3 of 5 Health Criteria in Year 2
55% Increase in Two Years

Life-Changing Results

In a study of nearly 4,000 employees from CardioKinetics clients, we saw phenomenal success over a period of two years.

Artboard 23
88% with high blood pressure were no longer hypertensive
Artboard 23 copy
72% with pre-diabetic glucose levels improved to normal glucose levels
Artboard 23 copy 2
63% with diabetic glucose levels improved to pre-diabetic or normal glucose levels
Artboard 23 copy 3
47% with Metabolic Syndrome no longer had Metabolic Syndrome
Artboard 23 copy 11
41% with elevated cholesterol had normal cholesterol levels

What People Are Saying

We use CardioKinetics not only for our team, but also for our clients. Their experience and the compassion for people set them apart from all other health and wellness providers we've worked with."
Bob Sabol, Vice President, Lyons Insurance Company

We keep you fit on the inside