Employee Health & Fitness Assessments

While many people would like to improve their health, most don’t follow through without external support and motivation. Between duties at work and a busy home life, it can be hard to find the time to go to the gym or to focus on nutrition. Even then, where to start? But this can all be made possible with our employee health and fitness assessments.

Our employee health and fitness assessments go beyond biometric screenings to provide a more in-depth look at an employee’s personal health profile. This includes blood testing, resting measurements, health risk and body composition assessments.

CardioKinetics offers professional treatment programs that can revitalize employee health and improve it for future growth—both in their personal and professional lives. Our biometric screenings use the following set of measurements:

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Height, weight, and body mass index (BMI)
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Resting pulse & blood pressure
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Abdominal circumference
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HDL (“good”) cholesterol
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LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
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Heart risk ratio
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Our comprehensive health and fitness screenings also include the following advanced assessments:

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Exercise ECG
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Aerobic fitness capacity
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Body fat analysis
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Muscular fitness testing
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Back screening
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Flexibility assessment
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Health consultation
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Incentive programs
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Lifestyle coaching
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Exercise prescription

We also offer HgbA1c, cotinine, and Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood testing services with immediate results. Additional blood testing is available through offsite labs.

Additional Assessment Options


Exercise ECG Assessments
(aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health)


Hemoglobin A1c finger-stick blood test
(3 month average of glucose)


Cotinine finger-stick blood test
(tobacco use)

What People Are Saying

Our organization utilized CardioKinetics’ services to implement a wellness program whereby employees took ownership of their physical fitness in a non-punitive environment that rewards success. CardioKinetics has helped us create a culture of wellness beyond a job description and as a lifelong commitment to health and fitness.
Director John Yeomans, Delaware Dept of Alcohol and Tobacco

We keep you fit on the inside