Not by chance…

There is a great deal of truth to the statement that “God works in mysterious ways”,  and  there is no better illustration of this, than the way He molded the events that led to the birth of CardioKinetics, Inc

Growing up, the third child in a very close and athletic family, our founder, Tom Hall, was inspired and motivated by his older brother, Chuck.  In 1972, following an All American football career at the University of Delaware, Chuck signed a professional contract with the Baltimore Colts of the NFL.  During a routine team physical, the Colts discovered a shadow between his heart and his lungs.  What was at first thought to be a minor genetic problem soon was determined to be Hodgkin ’s disease.  At that time, Tom, then 18 years old decided that he would one day spend his professional life helping people cope with chronic illness.  One year later, Chuck was gone. 

During his four years at the University of Delaware, Tom was mentored by Dr. Robert Neeves, a Health Science professor who was the Director of the Human Performance Laboratory.  He was accompanied by his close college friend, Rich Shaw.  One year after graduation, Tom was convinced that the time was right to open his clinic. With the full support and unconditional love from his wife Patti, Tom designed a strategy.  The problem was, he needed to borrow a significant amount of money in order to purchase the equipment necessary to perform his medical services.  He decided to go back to Dr. Neeves for help with financing.  Amazingly, the professor agreed to collateralize his home in order to obtain the loan, and in the fall of 1979, CardioKinetics was established.

At the same time, Rich Shaw, who had been working in South Carolina, was dealing with his own difficult circumstances in the untimely death of his mother.  During the spring of 1979, Rich made a decision to move back to Delaware, and with that decision became a critical piece of CardioKinetics history.  Quickly becoming a partner in the business, Rich has been largely responsible for the development of the company’s Preventive Medicine programs.

As of the writing of this historical document, Tom and Rich have been serving our community for 33 years.  From the beginning their vision has been to serve others’ health needs and to do so with an enthusiastic passion that will have a positive influence on people’s lives.  It is their continued hope that all of us at CardioKinetics will continue to be blessed with the opportunity to provide our services for many years to come.